Kevin Michael Green was born on January 9, 1980 in Okinawa, Japan.  He's the son of a retired military officer and retail merchandiser, and has 2 brothers.  Being a military brat, Kevin has moved around a lot and lived in several different places such as North Dakota, North Carolina, Oklahoma and Virginia to name a few. He graduated from Washington & Lee High School in 1998 and attended some college afterwards.  This young man is very quiet, calm, and enthusiastic, as well as creative.

You can often find him daydreaming about something. Through the good and bad times, Kevin always manages to keep a smile upon his face.  He knows that God will work everything out for him. At an early age, he loved writing stories and sketching out cartoon characters.  He get his inspiration from video games and cartoons (A BIG PART OF WHO HE IS!!!).  His favorite subjects in school were Art, English, and Science.  When not working, you can find Kevin enjoying music, movies, sports, writing, playing video games, and hanging out with good friends. If he had to choose one Ultima Force member that he related to most, it would have to be Black Mist.

Having published two books and two more in progress ("The Legendary Artifacts: Ultima Force 3" and "Monster Reborn"), Kevin's ultimate dream is to make Ultima Force into a successful cartoon television series. Feel free to contact Kevin if you want to know more. He enjoys chatting with and making new friends...

Ultima Force