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Planet Ultimos, peaceful and flourishing with life and energy. Home to the omnipotent and beautiful Queen Ultina of the Ultimate Kingdom. A place where Ultimas of good and evil dwelled and prospered. A world that eventually broke out into war and deception. All of this was now a memory due to King Bukar, the Great Ultima and his new partner, Scythe, former Lieutenant of Ultina's army. Their greed and hatred towards the Ultimate Kingdom caused this great war and resulted in the dreadful conclusion of the planet and its inhabitants. Scythe raided the castle and used a body-crafted, metallic spear to pierce the device that kept Ultimos' White Star Core stable, causing the planet to fall out of balance. Ultina was killed in the attempt to stop him and not even her most trusted General Shrapnel could save everyone else from Ultimos' untimely explosion, destroying everyone and everything in its blast. Was that truly the end of the Ultima race or was it just the beginning? The remains of Planet Ultimos had been dispersed throughout the dark, cold, and empty void of space. Portions of the now extinct planet, big and small, were on their way towards areas of the unknown. The explosion had created a barrage of reddish-brown meteorites that glowed white like the core that once kept Ultimos together. Some smaller chunks of meteorite had fused together and created a much larger portion of rock and other debris. Where were the remains of Ultimos headed and how would all of this impact the rest of the universe?

"I've failed my kind. Why didn't I react sooner to this crisis? Because of me, everyone and everything has been destroyed." thought General Shrapnel. Shrapnel was speaking from beyond death. From his perception, he had survived the explosion. Ultimos was a grand planet, and its people were capable of many feats, including surviving under very harsh conditions. Its history was thick with legends and myths about the potential of Ultima powers, which were passed down from generation to generation. Maybe other Ultimas had managed to hang on as well. Suddenly, someone else had something to say. "That's right, General, you've failed us all. Your arrogance and stupidity has cost everyone their precious lives. You shouldn't have stopped to take me on, wasting time you could've used to get further away from Ultimos. You'll never be able to rest, knowing that will haunt your soul for all eternity!" said a very familiar voice. "Scythe!" shouted Shrapnel. "Well now, it seems you haven't lost your mind after all, not that you ever had one to begin with." replied Scythe. Shrapnel wondered how his evil rival had managed to survive the explosion as well. He had seen Scythe fall under the pillar and get crushed. "Impossible! I saw you crushed by the pillar. I used my own metallic blade to cut it down on you. If that hadn't stopped you, the explosion should have finished you off!" said Shrapnel.

"Things aren't always what they seem, my dear brother. I just managed to surpass all the hardship you tried to force upon me. Don't forget that I'm made of liquid metal just like you. It only takes a single thought to turn myself into a thin puddle and slide out of the way at the last second. Oh yeah, you had no time to stick around for that. You had your precious lives to save. I told you that it was our fate to die as one big, happy family." explained Scythe angrily. "What do you mean, die?" asked Shrapnel. "Oh come on, you're the wise one. Haven't you figured it all out yet? Tell me, do you feel your body?" said Scythe. Shrapnel tried to manipulate his metallic hand into a dagger. Nothing happened. He just couldn't do it. He was unable to feel anything. He couldn't see, smell, taste, touch, or hear anything, but could sense and understand his communication with Scythe. "What is this? Another one of your tricks, Scythe? Tell me!" demanded Shrapnel. "If I had lips, I'd tell you to read them, but listen closely. You are DEAD!! There's nothing for you to do now except move on." said Scythe. Shrapnel tried to sense Queen Ultina because her essence was a part of all Ultimas. He couldn't sense anything from her. On the other hand, he could feel the presence of other Ultimas all around him. He could tell that they were all in a state of agony and despair. The sounds of wailing voices surged through Shrapnel. He shut out and continued his attempt to reach out to Ultina.

"Trying to reach out and touch someone? Your precious queen, perhaps? I'll clue you in on that, dear brother. She died before the big explosion. Do you know what that means? I'll tell you, you clueless idiot! She's no more! She's been destroyed, obliterated, reduced to ash and other horrible things! I love it! And the best part is, I had the fortunate pleasure of doing the deed myself." boasted Scythe. "That means if she died beforehand, then the explosion has done something to the rest of us. She once told me that all the dead remains of Ultimas instantly go to the Void, where they rest for all eternity. Why haven't we gone on to the afterlife?" wondered Shrapnel. "Still don't get it, do you? We've been endowed with a greater power. A power that the Great One only dreamed of getting his hands on. The White Star Core that nourished our planet was full of supreme energy. When a big amount of energy disperses in a huge explosion like it did, where do you think all that energy goes? It goes towards everything in its path and generously gives that power away. In our case, the power had been given to us the moment before we died. It somehow changed our natural way of dying. So in other words, we're not completely dead. Physically, yes, but spiritually is another story. We're all spiritual gods and I will be the supreme god!" shouted Scythe. "Oh, we're gods now. Just what do we rule over, Scythe? A big piece of nothing? You should feel so special now since you were always nothing before. Because of you, Ultina's dead, and we're now on a trip throughout the universe, drifting endlessly, forever! And that's how you plan on using your Godliness? You disgust me!" snapped Shrapnel.

"Such hard feelings. Come now, it won't be so bad. We'll eventually end up somewhere nice and I will start the suffering again. It'll be an endless cycle! I am destined to rise again and rule all!" said Scythe. "Wherever you go, I will be right there to hinder anything evil you have planned. I will use what's left of my power and call upon others if necessary to thwart your every twisted and sinister ways. You hear me, you fiend?" said Shrapnel. "Ah, a challenge. You never cease to make me laugh, Shrapnel. In this state, I have no reason to care about what you say. If we were alive, things would definitely be different. I would welcome another opportunity to kill you again. Just you wait, I will rise again and claim what's mine. Though my body is gone, my spirit will live on....." said Scythe in a maniacal laughter. "As will mine, brother, as will mine....." said Shrapnel. Both fighters slipped into a silence as the meteorite headed further into the depths of space, continuing its long course towards the unknown. Where was it heading to? Would Scythe rise again to rule the universe? Would Shrapnel be able to stop his sworn enemy if it ever happened? And how many others of the Ultima brethren had survived in this state of being? The meteorite continued to shine brightly as it continued its uncharted course. Destination, Planet Earth.....

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